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Cleanliness4Fairly Clean

Equipment4Nicely Equipped

Coaching4Very Knowledgable

Atmosphere5Totally got the warm & fuzzies

305 Tiffany Ct
Unit 3

Champaign, Illinois 61822
United States




Crossfit CU - A nice gym with a unique view!

Posted 6 years ago by

Over the summer I went to Champaign, Illinois for a few days, to spend some time working with one of our companies there. I drove from Michigan, which was long, but convenient since Champaign isn’t uber convenient to get to by plane or other form of transportation. Plus, once I was in Champaign there was so much spread out that it would have been difficult to get from points A to B to C without vehicle access.

It also was nice to have a car because that meant I could get to the Crossfit CU gym, which was located only within driving distance in a warehouse adjacent to corn fields. I emailed them before I came & they were quick to respond & welcome me to join the WOD while I was in town. I went early on a Wednesday morning, met one of the coaches there & found out that Wednesday’s are open gym & there is no prescribed WOD. Bummer! Except I was able to do the WOD from the previous day as part of open gym. The coach was super helpful & even gave me a couple of tips that helped me improve my deadlift.

The next morning I went back for an actual WOD. I met another coach & owner of the gym, Sky. Super nice & helpful. The class was a decent size, about 10 people. I liked the focus on form & fundamentals & the very hands on coaching. Sky really paid attention to what everyone was doing & gave pointers & commentary when necessary. The workout was challenging & afterwards we all wrote our results on the whiteboard. I even made the list as a visitor! How welcoming!

Bottom line: Crossfit CU is a great place to train if you’re in town. The team there is welcoming, as are the other cross fitters. I felt at home & challenged even while on the road. I will definitely go back next time I’m in that area!

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