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not friendly

My home boxPosted 4 years ago by

I came to visit crossfit bold during wimbeldon as I am over from the states.. Didnt realise i had to look it up online as i had just heard from another associate there was a gym in the area. When i arrived ready to 'drop in' i was rudely told to stop interrupting the class and i had to email and prebook a place if i wished to turn up. I completely understand that but the lady i spoke to was very rude and really had no time to let me know what the protocol of the gym was and just dismissed me telling me to look at the website. Never been spoken to so rudely by a crossfit associate and dont plan on looking at the website or going back. not friendly!

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Knights of the (Crossfit) Bold Table

My home boxPosted 6 years ago by

I started with Crossfit Bold in early 2011 as someone who's got a background in sports (Field Hockey, Martial Arts) and generally wanted to do something different and fun. I got what I asked for and more!!

The tight-knit community feel along side the jovial competitiveness (if you're so inclined with yourself or a fellow crossfitter in your group class) is infectious and every single new person is welcomed just the same whether they're visiting from another box or brand new to the box and Crossfit itself.

The social aspect is great whether it's a group social one evening, a trip to another box and learning something new (surfing!) or being part of a workshop/seminar for important aspects of individual health (nutrition etc) or different topics that are relevant (self-defense).

Tom is an awesome coach and stops at nothing to help you reach your goals with support and advise on the way. Equally so he'll listen to what folks have to say and is always looking to improve all aspects of his box and the great community that keep on coming back to visit the "pain cave" or maybe chuck a tractor tyre around (or get acquainted with a Prowler).

The other coaches: Harri, James and Henry are all equally as awesome and bring their own "joie de vivre" to the community and training sessions, making it all something to be really proud and humbled to be a part of.

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