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Reviews For Time was built because not all CrossFit® Affiliates are created equally. CrossFit is not a franchise, therefore coaching styles, atmospheres and programming varies from box to box. As the sport of CrossFit has become more and more popular, boxes have been opening on nearly every corner. Because there are so many different styles and methods, you may find that some boxes are mediocre while others are truly outstanding. Reviews For Time will also help reward those boxes that are going the extra mile to run a great Affiliate, while exposing the sub par or inexperienced boxes. These reviews will help the CrossFit community grow and encourage Affiliates to take pride in their box and their members.

Let's face it, a CrossFit newbie may have no idea whether the coach at the local Affiliate has years of experience and knowledge or is just getting started in the fitness world. Reviews For Time will give first time CrossFitters the opportunity to locate a top Affiliate in their neighborhood with ease. This site gives CrossFitters the chance to have a voice, whether to support their local CrossFit Affiliate or let everyone know that their experience did not meet their expectations.

Suppose you have a business trip or vacation coming up and you want to get in a couple of WODs while you're away. You could jump on Google and locate the Affiliates in the area you will be visiting and either make a few phone calls, send a couple of emails or visit a few websites, but how do you know which Affiliate will provide you with the best experience and coaching? Reviews For Time makes it simple, select the city you will be visiting and you'll be presented with reviews of all the local Affiliates. From there, you can decide which box will best fit your needs and be reassured that your experience will be a great one.

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